AUDS | Kshetra New Delhi fosters a meticulous and explicit research aptitude. We believe in the capability of smart research in aiding design and strive to analyze data for backing our project proposals. We also aim to use the GIS platform to create urban databases which are absent, though of great importance to a developing country like India.



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India: Unbuilt Architecture, ArchitectureLive!
[Design and Layout]

La-Providence Bungalow, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
[With M/s. Susparsa, Kollam]

Badshahi Bagh, Fatehabad, Agra
CONSERVATION STUDY [With Beyond Built Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi]

Majuli Island, Assam
MAPPING, INTERVIEW, GEO-SURVEY [With M/s. Kshetra, Hyderabad]

Urban Conservation Guidelines, Fort Cochin

Anegundi, Hampi
ARCHITECTURAL DOCUMENTATION [For The Kishkinda Trust, Anegundi]