Design for the Masses

What is a city beyond its public spaces? The sea of houses and apartments of course! These may not be the most remembered parts of any city but they do quite a huge impact on the general feel and sense of a city. AU DS understands this and is committed to design for the city even the most insignificant of the house, apartment or just the corner store! A small exercise for a small time builder in a high density row housing colony has made us believe that even the smallest of structures in the city can change the way people look at a neighborhood. And we think, that’s exactly what our numerous Indian cities need. Design, at every level and scale.

Check out the sketches below for a modest little apartment and bungalow setup in Hyderabad.

Street View

Junction View

Classic Perspective View

Such design charrettes should in fact be part of every municipal setup to guide the masses in making of their homes such that they not only look better but are also environmentally responsive. The architectural community would then truly make an impact on the society for the better.

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