Heritage Vs. Infrastructure

New article published on sustainable cities collective blog site on a recent project experience in Hyderabad, portraying ‘a balancing act’ that most Indian cities are engaged with between heritage and infrastructure.

Osmania General Hospital Heritage Building, Hyderabad

Excerpts from the article:

Do you imagine built heritage as dead monuments of a distant past? As we move deeper into the 21st century, the perception of built heritage will need a more practical angle for the betterment of not only our cities but also the people who populate them.

Consider the recent case of the Osmania General Hospital in the city of Hyderabad, India. A 20th Century first quarter construction of ‘monumental’ Indo-Saracenic proportions, the structure is a beautiful and imposing edifice on the banks of Musi river. One of the many such structures built on either banks of the river as part of a major urban design program, after major floods created unprecedented devastation to life and property. This set of iconic architecture lining the riverfront has, for almost a 100 years now, provided the city and its people with an view of their city as they cross over from the older part to the new on the many bridges that span the river.

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