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2010 - Documentation

Cochin House: Classic Before After

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Image 9

Publication Update

Contested Space Living Urban Heritage of Hyderabad & Shahjahanabad, Delhi “Space is never a constriant in place-making. It is the utilization of space that makes a place or un-makes it.” Article by GSV Suryanarayana Murthy & Abdul Bari Architecture Update, January 2014

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Filling the Gaps ICOMOS Conference

Conference Update

Paper presentation by GSV Suryanarayana Murthy & Abdul Bari A City in Transition: The 20th Century Pre-Independence Urban Heritage of Hyderabad International Conference & Workshop: Filling the Gaps: World Heritage & the 20th Century 5th October, Session 4A, Chitkara Univeristy Punjab Campus, Chandigarh  

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Working Paper: A City in Transition

Starting base work on a paper we are writing for the International Conference: Filling the Gaps, World heritage & the 20th Century to be held later this year at Chandigarh. Any help/contribution in terms of resources or data is welcome. A City in Transition THE 20TH CENTURY PRE-INDEPENDENCE URBAN HERITAGE OF HYDERABAD Abstract The Capital […]

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Built Heritage, Contemporary Architecture and the dramatics of nature....themes that engage AUDS!

Designing Around Heritage

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Junction View

Design for the Masses

What is a city beyond its public spaces? The sea of houses and apartments of course! These may not be the most remembered parts of any city but they do quite a huge impact on the general feel and sense of a city. AU DS understands this and is committed to design for the city […]

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Alain Bertaud's City Form Diagram

The Urban Density-FAR Duel

A high-density low-rise built-up situation cannot accommodate a uniform FAR increase. It will only densify the city beyond any acceptable limit of health, freedom or opportunity. High Density in small area is good. Low density in small area is acceptable. High Density in large area is not. Low Density in large area is bad. If […]

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Osmania General Hospital Heritage Building, Hyderabad

Heritage Vs. Infrastructure

New article published on sustainable cities collective blog site on a recent project experience in Hyderabad, portraying ‘a balancing act’ that most Indian cities are engaged with between heritage and infrastructure. Excerpts from the article: Do you imagine built heritage as dead monuments of a distant past? As we move deeper into the 21st century, […]

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AUDS Google Plus

AUDS Launched!

Humble Beginnings… Taking my practice of architecture and place-making in built-up environments to a more independent level, this portal is supposed to represent “the corner turned” in retrospection after some years have passed and, hopefully, more meaningful work done.

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